Thursday, August 4, 2011

Teeneh Tineh Cupcakehs

Hey folks!  Ya miss me?  Sorry, there's been a lot going on here at the Lion's Den (Thanks V for the new homestead moniker).  I've been cooking a bit, but mostly it's been too darn hot to do anything.  This is a killer for someone who loves to bake as much as I do.  But the thought of ramping up the oven to 350 or higher makes me feel a bit ill. 

However, there have been some culinary creations going on nevertheless.  Here's a sampling of a few of the things, and I'll put up some of the recipes in later posts (I'm going to try to be more faithful, I swear!):

- Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas
- Icebox Pickles (I made these a bit hot this time)
- Sun Tea
- Burgers
- Chocolate Chip cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream frosting
- Cold seasame noodles (people are begging me for this no brainer recipe.  I'll put it up soon)

Oh  yeah!  And I might have broken my curse concerning all things that involve yeast.  I made Naan for the first time, and it rose!  And tasted good!  YAY!  I will have to try more things that have to rise.  Hmmm...
It was part of my birthday feast, a lovely affair that involved Indian food, Blushing Monk Beer, and a (shhhh!) Cuban cigar!  Can I just say, that Blushing Monk was AMAZING.  Made by Founders, it's a limited run, and a little pricey, but I would say worth it 100%.  Thank you dear friend, for being willing to share your favorite beer with me. 

But, what I was up to last night and this morning was this:

My mother's book group have developed a Margarita cupcake problem (I'm totally guilty, I admit it), so they asked me to make more cupcakes.  Well, I decided this time to make a "flight" of cupcakes.  We have, left to right, Aztec Chocolate (dark chocolate cake, cinnamon, and cayenne with a cinnamon chocolate buttercream), Mojito (mint, lime, and white cake with a rum glaze) and my well-loved Margarita cupcake.  But, these are little guys.  They're mini cupcakes and I am in LOVE. 

First, they're just so cute you want to eat them all up (which I do), and second, sometimes cupcakes are so rich they're a bit overwhelming.  A lot of times I'll find half-finished cupcakes at the end of parties.  People get through about half of one, and then it's just too much.  With these mini cupcakes, they can have one little bite to pop in their mouths, and if someone wants another one! 

I have an obsession with tiny, bite-size food anyway.  I love to "graze" and have a little bit of a lot of things.  I think that's why tapas, mezze, appetizers, and sushi are some of my favorite things to eat.  I find that when I eat small little bites of food, I focus more on what I'm eating.  I may only get one!  There aren't gigantic spoonfuls to shovel in my mouth.  So I savor the little bite, and it becomes an experience rather than a meal.  Ask many of my friends and they'll tell you I'll often order one or two appetizers from the menu rather than an entree, or I have a great fondness for the "variety platter."  I love to pluck, swoop, scoop, and dip, to delicately fork, finagle, and finesse my food.  I also love alliteration, so you'll have to deal with that as well. 

So, in thinking about this post, in realizing that I hadn't written in ages, I must apologize to my few, yet loyal followers.  I have cheated you out of a little "bite" of my life, and I am sorry.  There have been a couple of you who have said that you miss Eatie so much, and that makes me feel lovely. you are, and I'll be back verra verra soon with a recipe for you.  How about the Mojito cupcakes?  Wanna know how? 

Be good to each other, and remember, sometimes the little "bites" of life, are the ones to savor!!