Friday, March 4, 2011

Blame It On The Bossa Nova

I suppose I'd better introduce myself, or at the very least explain myself.  I am a librarian.  I am a cook.  I am a food porn-ist.  I love to look at food, talk about food, draw food, eat food, make food, go to restaurants that serve great food, read books about food (yes, those include cookbooks), and take pictures of food.  I'm sure that this can be classified as obsessive, and probably has a gorgonzola-ish whiff of compulsive eating disorder, but it makes me happy. 

Why start this blog?  
 Because I'm sure that my friends and family are getting tired of the incessant links to various recipes, pictures, cookbooks, etc. that I splatter all over social networking sites on a regular basis.  I am to the point where I can't wait for my iPhone because I want to join Foodspotting.  So here is place that I can wax poetic about my obsession/passion.  It also stretches my writing muscles, which have atrophied in the last several years.  I was a creative writing major for crying out loud, and I'm doing diddly with it.  So this keeps me a little honest (until I forget about it and go on to another pursuit like the ADHD chick I am).  This also gives me a place to talk about my successes, failures, and experiments, and review both restaurants in my area and cookbooks that I read.  Hey, if someone can blog entirely about cupcakes (and it's fabulous), then I can write about any food I choose!  P.S. The butterbeer cupcakes on that blog nearly killed me. 

What's up with the name? 
Eydie Gorme (what? no accent function? ridiculous.) is a singer who I happen to like, and who just happens to have a name that I can cleverly pun off of.  'Nough said.

Are you just going to write about food? 
I must warn  you, there may be other topics that weasel their way into this blog.  If you're wanting the blog about nothing but bacon, I ain't it.  That's here by the way.  I am a librarian, I may have to rant about various things in library land, or crow about a book or two.  Don't worry twinkie, you'll get over it. Just skip past those and on to the luscious food.  I will hopefully be posting pics of a lot of what I cook and eat.  However, I have been known to eat Kraft Mac n' Cheese with a can of StarKist thrown in, and I don't think you need pictures of that, so it won't be EVERYTHING I eat (also because my doctor would be appalled at my eating habits).  If you're wanting pictures of the three graham crackers I had as a snack, I'm gonna disappoint you.  Not to mention that's a little micro-creepy.   So, here we go, and let's hope that there are folks out there who will keep me honest about writing in this blog.

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