Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Fun!

Hello Darlings!

Not much to report this morning, I was too busy consuming copious amounts of alcohol for St. Paddy's Day last night, so no cooking for me.  Although, I might have been a little stewed.  So, today I'll just share some music and a cocktail with you to kick off your Friday the right way.

First up, a song about food - Honeysuckle Rose sung by Sarah Vaughan:

And...a cocktail called a Honeysuckle Rose created by Washington D.C.'s Christopher Martino.  He's Mixicologist on Twitter if you're interested.

Honeysuckle Rose:

• Barbancourt Cinq Etoile (rum) 1.5 ounce
• Lime Juice .5 ounce
• Gran Marnier .25 ounce
• Honey Syrup (2:1) .25 ounce
• Rosewater 1 dash
Flamed orange zest for garnish
To begin, in a chilled cocktail glass flame the orange over the empty glass and rub the peel around the interior and mouth. In a shaker filled with ice, add the rum and other remaining ingredients. Shake until well chilled and pour into seasoned glass, strain out any flecks of ice if desired/necessary.

A note about Barbancourt Cinq Etoile Rhum.  It's a top shelf  Haitian dark rum, distilled twice in copper pots, aged 8 years in white oak barrels.  It's been considered the "cognac of rum" because the distilling method is very similar to the production of cognac and it can be sipped straight.  Barbancourt offers smooth, smoky flavor with a finish of vanilla.  The most likely place to find it in Indiana is at a United Package store, although, when I looked on their website, it was not listed as an item they sell anymore.  But they can probably order it for you. It runs around $25 a bottle, so it's not out of one's price range for a top shelf liquor.  However, another higher end dark rum would most likely suffice as a replacement. Meyer's is a little too heavy for this cocktail, the copper and molasses flavors would overpower the rose and honey.  I would suggest Bacardi Gold, since it's probably going to be the easiest to find around my area, and it retains the vanilla flavors that work well in this cocktail.  There.  I'm done being an alcohol snob.  Unfortunately, I have champagne taste, and a Bud Light budget, so my home bar is a little puny at the moment.

Although, I was contemplating taking a crack at making Falernum this weekend.  Stay tuned and see if it happens! 

That's enough out of me.  Enjoy your Friday darlings!

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